Ride Around in Style in the New Toyota Corolla in Union City

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Toyota Corolla
One of the most efficient cars on the market is waiting for you at Nalley Toyota Union City, the Toyota Corolla. The Corolla has always been an excellent choice for a new car because of its reliability and efficiency. The Toyota Corolla in Union City has been built in order to perform efficiently, with plenty of available technology, and has been given not only an advanced safety system, but also Toyota Safety Sense.
Toyota Corolla

Efficient Performance

The Toyota Corolla has been designed in order to limit the amount of trips that you have to take to the gas station. The design of the Corolla has been wind-tunnel-tested in order to make sure that it has an aerodynamic design. The Toyota Corolla has been given an engine with valvemetric technology in order to use fuel as efficiently as possible. This engine can me paired with a CVTi-S transmission which allows the car to smoothly shift between gears and gives the driver more control. If a fuel efficient engine is not enough, then be sure to include the available ECO mode button in your new Corolla. This feature lowers the output from the gas pedal and adjusts the air conditioning so that you can save fuel. All of these features, whether standard or available, help the Toyota Corolla to run as efficiently as possible.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Plethora of Technology

Not only is the Corolla built to be efficient, it also has great available technology to help make driving easier and keep your passengers entertained. The Corolla can have an Entune Audio Plus system installed in the car, which gives you access to navigational services and also allows you to connect your smart phone so you can listen to your favorite music while on the road. The Corolla is also equipped with an integrated back up camera in order to help you back up into the tightest parking spots. The Corolla has also been built with advanced voice recognition and steering wheel controls so that you can keep your eyes where they belong, on the road. A smart key system has also been included in the Corolla, which also includes a Push to Start button. All of these feature plus many more help you to get the most out of your new Corolla from Nalley Toyota Union City.

Toyota Corolla Safety

Top of the Line Safety System

The Toyota Corolla has also been given tons of safety features so that every time you step into your new car you can be sure that you are well protected. The Corolla comes standard with 8 airbags to protect you and all your passengers if a collision occurs. The Corolla also comes with a Star Safety System which includes safety features that help the car maintain traction and also prevent your brakes from locking up. The Corolla has also been given features that help to prevent collisions from happening. One of these features is a standard Pre-Collision system which can detect potential collisions and will alert the driver and apply the brakes in order to try and avoid it. The Corolla is also been equipped to keep you in your lane. With a lane departure alert system, the Corolla can keep you in your lane or get you back into it. All of these features have been put in the Toyota Corolla so that you can feel safe every time you and your loved ones take a drive.

Come Check Out The Toyota Corolla in Union City Today!

The Toyota Corolla is a superb choice for anyone in the market for a reliable new sedan because of its efficiency, tremendous technology features, and top of the line safety system. Be sure to check out Nalley Toyota Union City’s website to see our full new and used car inventory and also view our financing and service options.

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