Get Incredible Efficiency in the 2017 Toyota Prius

May 26th, 2017 by

Toyota is proud to lead the way to a more efficient, cleaner world by continuous improvement to their vehicles’ fuel economy. The 2017 Prius is the culmination of all of Toyota’s efforts, and you are certain to save money in the form of fuel costs. The body of the Prius has also been refined toward a sleeker, modern profile, while the inside still offers enough space to keep all passengers comfortable. If you are looking for a new Toyota Prius, Nalley Toyota Union City has this car available now, along with a large number of other high quality Toyota vehicles!

Performance, Performance, Performance – the Prius Goes Farther on Less

The Toyota Prius is built for maximum fuel efficiency, and that starts with its aerodynamic exterior design, which includes an active grille shutter, aero stabilizing fins, and underbody panels that smooth out airflow. Toyota didn’t focus on efficiency to the detriment of the rest of the Prius, however, as the double-wishbone rear suspension demonstrates. This piece of engineering makes handling the Prius smooth, and its compact build allows for more cargo space. Furthermore, the body rigidity of the Prius not only makes riding in it for comfortable, but makes for better braking performance as well. Further still, the touring-tuned suspension on the Prius Touring models will provide you with extra thrills when you encounter twists and turns on the road. Lastly, the rear spoiler adds style and functionality with its ability to disperse turbulent winds for a quieter and more efficient drive. Overall, the performance of the Prius will translate into big bucks saved at the fuel pump!

Big Tech Fit into a Compact Car

The technology installed in the 2017 Prius will provide both entertainment and a heightened sense of awareness while you drive. For example, the Enhanced Parking Support utilizes Intelligent Clearance Sonar to scan for stationary objects, and if it anticipates a collision, it delivers an audible alert and reduces engine or motor output, while also automatically applying the brakes. In tandem with available Intelligent Parking Assist, moving in and out of parking spaces has never been easier. What’s more, you can easily regulate the climate in your Prius with the smart-flow climate control system that keeps the cabin at just the right temperature, and when you’re driving solo, you can choose to heat or cool the front seats alone for increased efficiency. You’ll stay connected to your devices too, with the available Entune™ Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite. You’ll be able to access your favorite tunes and apps on the available 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen display. Simply put, the Toyota Prius will never have you wanting for more connection or convenience thanks to a plethora of valuable features.

Toyota Prioritizes Safety in All of its Vehicles

The 2017 Toyota Prius has a variety of systems and features to keep you safe on the road and help avoid accidents, such as the available Blind Spot Monitor, which alerts you with an illuminated indicator on the appropriate side mirror when a car is approaching in your blind spot. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert allows you to back out of a driveway and get audible indicators when a vehicle is approaching as you back out as well. Additionally, the Prius has available rain-sensing variable windshield wipers that adjust speed depending on the amount of rain hitting the windshield as well as your car’s speed. Finally, an integrated backup camera comes standard and allows you to park in tight spaces with a rearview camera. These things ensure you have greater awareness on the road and avoid accidents from happening.

Nalley Toyota Union City has the Toyota Prius in Stock Today

The Toyota Prius isn’t just a vehicle for saving fuel – it still has appealing aesthetic design, quality performance, and advanced technologies. If you want to experience the versatility of the Prius for yourself, Nalley Toyota Union City has the Prius available today, and our friendly sales staff would be happy to show you through our extensive inventory. Don’t hesitate any longer and visit us today to realize the benefits of driving the incredibly efficient and well-round Toyota Prius!