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Toyota Sienna
With the holiday season in full swing there is no better time to come on down to Nalley Toyota Union City and check out the wide variety of new and used cars. One car that stands out from the rest on the lot is the Toyota Sienna. The Toyota Sienna has always been one of America’s most trusted minivans for pretty much its entire existence. The Sienna has been one of Toyota’s best minivan because of its top notched performance, stylish interior, and an advanced safety system that will keep your family safe in the event of a collision.

Toyota Sienna Exterior

Enjoy the Drive

While the Toyota Sienna is a minivan, that does not mean it can’t perform with the best of them. The Sienna comes equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 direct injection engine paired with a direct shift-8AT automatic transmission that helps you keep up with your family’s busy schedule. The Toyota Sienna has been given a bolder, sportier look with the newly redesigned front and rear bumpers and an aggressive sport mesh front grille. The new bolder design of the Toyota Sienna helps you grab anyone’s attention when you pull up to pick up carpool or pick up the kids from the park. If you are ever caught in a bind at night, just flip on the all-new projector-beam headlights that include smoked lenses and LED lights. The Toyota Sienna has been redesigned to stray away from the soccer mom car stereotype and make it look and perform more like a SUV.

Sienna Interior

Stylish Interior

Whether that is the fine leather on all the seats or the wide dashboard, the Toyota Sienna is the ultimate luxury minivan available on the market today. The Sienna has been designed to make the driver of the van feel like a VIP when sitting in the driver seat, with the redesigned wraparound dashboard that makes all controls closer to the driver. For those beautiful days driving down the highway and wanting to let the wind blow through your hair, the Toyota Sienna comes with two sunroofs, allowing anyone in the van to catch that cool breeze. The dashboard of the Toyota Sienna is loaded up with plenty of technology and a color screen display which makes it easy to check on the advanced features of the van. If all these features weren’t enough, the Toyota Sienna comes available with leather seating in order to give the van a luxurious feel. All of these features help to give the driver and passengers of the Toyota Sienna the ultimate, luxurious driving experience.

2014 Toyota Sienna Interior

Safety First

While the Toyota Sienna is built to perform and give the driver the ultimate driving experience, it is also meant to protect all passengers that step foot in the van. The Sienna is one of the first minivans to come available with all wheel drive giving the driver traction even in the worst weather conditions. In order to protect all passengers in the event of a collision the Toyota Sienna comes equipped with an advanced airbag system that includes 8 airbags to be deployed when the crash occurs. As a way to prevent accidents from happening the Toyota Sienna comes equipped with a star safety system that includes an Anti-lock brake system, traction control, and many more safety features. In the case that a forward collision is imminent, the Sienna comes available with a pre-collision system which applies the brakes and retracts the seatbelts in order to prepare for the impending collision. With all these safety features it’s no wonder that the Toyota Sienna is one of America’s most trusted minivans when it comes to safety.

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Nalley Toyota Union City has a diverse inventory of new and used cars which is available to people living in the Union City, Georgia area. Check out their website to see their full new and used car inventory and be sure to check out the Toyota Sienna at your Nalley Toyota Union City Dealership today.

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